Sexuality – how to accept that your child is homosexual

If he confesses his homosexuality you must learn to respect him
If he confesses his homosexuality you must learn to respect him

Our children give us many joys throughout their lives. However, many other times they also give us unexpected surprises since our mentality as parents is different. If your son confesses to you that he is homosexual, it may not be the best news, but you must learn that the best thing is to accept this fact and love him equally despite it without generating conflict.

During confession

When our son tells us that he is homosexual, it will be a very difficult time for him or her, since knowing you will know that the news will surprise you and, perhaps, you do not feel in the best way. The first thing we must do is accept that it is his life and not ours. When we have a child we want the best for him and, many times unconsciously, we plan how his life should be and that can generate conflict , because the safest thing is that he will almost always do what seems best to him, even if we do not agree with these decisions . Above all, we do not have to try to change it, since that way we could lose it forever.

These are hard times when he will need your support

Don't make your child ashamed of being gay
Don’t make your child ashamed of being gay

Remember that nowadays the mentality has changed and that a homosexual couple can marry and have children, that does not mean that you cannot accompany them to the altar or be a grandfather. Telling the family is the first step for a gay or lesbian to free themselves from the shackles of society. If the family accepts you and shows you support and affection, you can feel much happier without having to be ashamed of anything .

Difficult situations

Perhaps if in your family you have not had anyone who confessed gay or lesbian before, it will be very difficult for you to understand your son because of the difference in mentality. As a parent, you cannot show yourself disappointed, create conflict or tell him that he is no longer your son, as this would hurt him a lot and leave him traumatized for life .

Sex does not matter when the goal is happiness

We all seek happiness and support from our family
We all seek happiness and support from our family

Our society may be more advanced than before, but there are still many backward people who cannot understand that love does not understand sex, but feelings. Having you by his side in these difficult moments will show him that as good parents you are not interested in who he loves, you want him to be happy with a person who treats him with respect, as he deserves. Respect that everyone else should have for a gay or lesbian who does nothing but love each other without meddling in the lives of others or creating conflicts .

You may never understand your child’s feelings, but that doesn’t stop him from making him part of your family. It may be difficult for you to see him happy with someone of the same sex, but acceptance is what will make you see that, over time, you will realize that your son has not changed no matter how much he marries one person or another and That will make his relationship with you stronger every day . Because some parents who take acceptance as the best step before their son’s homosexuality are giving him a pass to eternal happiness.