Education – what is the peace table?

It is quite normal for children to have tantrums and get angry very often . If you are a parent you will know that it is quite normal for numerous conflicts to arise on a regular basis and sometimes you do not know how to act when ending such tantrums or anger. When solving such problems, reference must be made to what is known as "the peace table". There are many parents who, desperate for continuous anger, turn to such a resource in order to solve such a problem. Then we explain what this resource consists of and how to put it into practice.

What is the table of peace?

The peace table is a fairly effective technique that helps to resolve conflicts and problems that arise in children. It is a small table with a series of chairs where children must sit. A series of elements are placed on top of the table:

  • An hourglass to control the time each child speaks in addition to helping them relax.
  • A stress ball that each child takes when they have to talk to calm down.
  • An object of peace that helps to pacify things between children.
  • A bell or bell that will ring when the conflict between the children has been resolved.
The peace table is a technique to resolve conflicts
The peace table is a technique to resolve conflicts

Apart from resolving fights or conflicts between children, this peace table can be used so that the minor who is angry or enraged, can calm down or calm down.

How to use the peace table

The peace table is a technique to be able to resolve conflicts and make the child relax before a moment of rage or anger. That is why the child cannot be forced to be at said table since otherwise the opposite effect will be achieved and the anger and tantrum will go much more. Make him understand that this is a table that he can use to relax when frustrated and disappointed. Once you are familiar with it, you can sit down with your brother to try to solve the problems. The idea of ​​this technique is for children to reflect at all times what they have done wrong and how to resolve the conflict so that things are perfect again.

The idea of ​​this technique is that children reflect at all times what they have done wrong
The idea of ​​this technique is that children reflect at all times what they have done wrong

At this table, children learn to express their emotions and empathize with others, so it is important that they feel at it voluntarily. In the event that the children are too young, an adult can sit with the two of them and act as a mediator of the conflict. The father should not act as a judge, he should be a mere mediator since it is the children themselves who must solve the problem themselves. They must expose their ideas and their emotions and through arguments be able to reach a fair solution for both parties. The adult can be in charge of establishing a series of rules so that everything can pass in the best possible way.

In conclusion, the peace table is a very effective resource in those situations in which the child enters a spiral of anger that can be uncontrollable for the parents themselves. In many cases, adults do not know how to deal with such tantrums and lose their cool, something that does not benefit either side in the conflict. If your children tend to fight often or some of them get angry in a habitual way, do not hesitate to try this wonderful technique known as the table of peace.