Alternatives – celebrate mother’s day without a mom

A message or a call will always be well received
A message or a call will always be well received

Mother’s Day is a very special date for both the mothers themselves, the children and the father.

However, sometimes the mother is absent , either because she is working, the children have become emancipated or live in a different home due to various circumstances or she has died. Even if the mother is not with us, we can celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that makes her feel special and valued.

If the mother is working

Nowadays, many mothers have to balance work, housework and the education of their children. Therefore, it is very likely that the mother will not be able to spend the whole day with her family. In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, but that does not imply that the mother should not work, since there are many sectors, such as tourism, in which they work 7 days a week, regardless of whether they are holidays or not.

If this is the case, the children and the father can prepare breakfast for Mom so that she can go to work with a smile. We can also make dinner for her, so that when you get home from work you know how special she is to us on this day.

In the age of communication, we can always text, email or call her to congratulate her on the day. However, if you are working it is best to send a message and see it as soon as you have a free moment. If the children have made a present for the mother at school, they can give it to her before she leaves for work or as soon as she returns. The father can also give a gift to the mother in front of the children so that they see that for him Mother’s Day is also very important.

If the mother’s working hours make it impossible for her to see her husband and children before or after work, we can celebrate Mother’s Day the next day or on a different date. The important thing is that the family understands the value of the day and why we celebrate this special date. The day that is marked on the calendar is not that important.

If the family is separated, you can surprise by videoconference
If the family is separated, you can surprise by videoconference

If the mother and children are in different places

For many different reasons, the mother may reside in a place other than that of the children, either because she divorced her husband and the children are with him at this time, because he had to travel on this date, or simply because the children have become emancipated and live in another city.

Both mothers and grandmothers deserve recognition

However, we can also make her feel special on her day by sending her a bouquet of roses, if we know the address where she is, or by sending her a beautiful photo congratulating her on the day before the date itself. Nowadays it is very easy to send gifts over the Internet ensuring that they will arrive on the right day so that the mother and ourselves feel happy for having been able to lightly celebrate the day together, even if it is not in the conventional way. Of course, as soon as you see your mother again, do not forget to congratulate her on the day and celebrate it with a good meal all together.

If the mother has passed away

There is only one mother and we miss her every day, not just on Mother’s Day. It is true that on this date it is more difficult for us to cope with her absence , since we would love to be able to celebrate it with her. So we can continue to celebrate Mother’s Day in our own way. If we have small children, they can make gifts and give them to their father or grandparents, which will make them very happy on this date. We can celebrate it with a meal at home in her honor, because she would like to feel loved by her loved ones on her day. Also, if we wish, we can leave a nice bouquet of flowers where she rests and dedicate a few minutes to her day.

Although it is a difficult date for us, we must think that we are who we are thanks to her and although we do not want to dedicate the whole day to feeling sad, we can take Mother’s Day as a day to feel happy and proud of the mother we had, the which will live forever in our hearts. For children it is a good initiative to remember their mother on this day and how much she loved them, so that when they are older they continue to have a beautiful memory of their mother on this special date.

Even if she is far away, the important thing is that she feels loved
Even if she is far away, the important thing is that she feels loved

If the mother has left home

Perhaps this is the most complicated situation, since the son will not understand why his mother is not with him on this or any other day. The role of the parent or caregiver is essential . We will remind the child that on this date is celebrated not only the biological mother’s day, but every woman who has acted for him as a mother, be it the grandmother, the stepmother or the adoptive mother.

If you make a gift at school, you can give it to one of them and celebrate the day with a different meal or dinner . We must make sure that the child does not feel different from the rest of the children because his mother does not meet him on this important date, since he has many other people who love him as much as a mother and with whom he can happily celebrate. this date.