Crafts – crafts for children from 3 to 6 years

Bad weather is coming and the children can no longer enjoy so much time in the parks playing in the street. Having fun inside the house is somewhat more complicated, since they tend to get bored much earlier because they do not find good entertainment. However, there are many ideas that may not have occurred to you but that will solve your children’s afternoons.

Crafts are an excellent source of creativity for children. With a material they will be able to let their mind develop and create many toys with which to hang out, in addition to the one they invest in their creation. For this reason, from Bekia we are going to propose some crafts with different materials so that children from 3 to 6 years old can enjoy creating .

Bad weather is coming and the children can no longer enjoy so much time in the parks playing in the street
Bad weather is coming and the children can no longer enjoy so much time in the parks playing in the street

Crafts with plastic plates

Plastic plates are one of the main protagonists in celebrations, lunches and dinners with guests. They are very useful to avoid having to wash a whole tableware and at the same time save time and water. However, they have other utilities that you may not have ever thought of. With the plastic plates that you have left over, you will make many crafts for children.

First of all we suggest you some fish. The plate will be the animal’s own body and from there the children will have fun shaping it. Do not worry if the plastic is white, because that way they will also have to paint them in the colors they want themselves. When they are dry we will proceed to make the mouth of the fish by cutting a triangle in a part of the body in the kite style. You can also choose to paint it, just like with the eye. For the fins and the tail you can use cardboard or scraps of other plates that you have cut and play with the colors to get a perfect fish craft.

Learning the time can be one of the tasks that most resists us as children. Therefore, it is better for children to take it as a game and almost accidentally end up knowing what time it is at all times. For this we are going to use a plate as a clock . The children will have to paint the 12 numbers around the plate or draw them on cardboard and then glue them there. They will also have to design their own hands and place them in the center of the clock with a binder. That way they can move them as many times as they want to set different times and learn them at the same time.

Plastic cups are also used on birthdays and there are almost always some left over and now we are going to give them a very different use. In this case, the children are going to build a snake , as long as they want, because they only have to join one glass to another and thus create the body. In addition, they can also paint the glasses to give more originality to the snake. For the head, you can opt for a yogurt container, since it is something different and will be more realistic. Do not forget the eyes and add a red tongue and another of the children’s crafts will be ready.

Crafts with plastic bottles

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials out there. Therefore, giving them another use will be a good option. We have already seen how to make crafts with glasses and plates, but you can also use the bottles to get very cool and original ideas . Children are going to be impressed with the new toys they are going to build.

First of all, we are going to propose one of the most traditional games out there. It is about playing bowling and surely there are some fans of them at home. With what we are going to teach you, you can play bowling at home as many times as you want. You only need 10 plastic bottles (or less if you want) of any size. The large ones are preferable, whether they are water or soft drinks, but you can also do it with the smaller ones. First wash them well and dry them, and then add a little paint or sand inside, so that they weigh down and do not fall off on their own. Next comes the time to make the design you want them to have. It can be more traditional, like a bowling pin, or paint them in colors, with faces, drawings, etc. Then let everything dry well and get a ball while you can knock them down. When they’re ready, find a space to start playing.

With plastic bottles you can also reach space. Another of the crafts for children that we are going to tell you is a rocket or space ship . Again it is something very easy, because you only need a bottle that you are going to paint in a very galactic way. Black or silver are highly recommended colors and you can also draw or glue stars, moons, and planets in other colors. Also, on a cardboard draw two wings and an upper part for the rocket. Glue them to the bottle and let everything dry and stick together. Then you can take it and make it fly around every corner of the house.

Black or silver are highly recommended colors
Black or silver are highly recommended colors

Cardboard crafts

Surely a short time ago you have bought a very large object and the cardboard box in which it came you have it at home in the way . Don’t worry, you just have to give it to your children with the idea of ​​a craft and they will take care of transforming it into a wonderful toy that will also stay at home. Another of the crafts for children that they will be able to do will depend on how big or small the cardboard box is.

If the boxes you have are large enough to fit a child, you can build a castle or fortress. You just have to make a hole as an entrance or door and then decorate it on the outside. Use empty toilet paper rolls to make towers and a telescope that every good pirate carries. If you have more than one box, put them together for a larger build.

There are also alternatives if the boxes you have are not so big. This time they are going to build a castle but to play with it without being able to enter inside. The materials are the same, they will shape the cardboard with scissors and with glue we will add some decorations, such as the towers. Close it into a rectangle and play with the soldiers all over the castle.