Behavior modification – better understand behavior modification in children

Many behavior modification plans and techniques are available so that parents, teachers and others can learn to do so , for example, by buying books on the subject or reading articles that may indicate some general guidelines to apply in the education of children. their children.

These tools are not always necessary because behavior modification plans are often better if they are tailored to the problem at hand, so personalized attention from a professional is always a good option. Behavior modification plans can be developed and applied with children, adolescents, adults, employees, animals, and for a person who wants to change their own behavior.

Behavior modification plans can change depending on the person you are targeting
Behavior modification plans can change depending on the person you are targeting

The essential thing you should know

Behavior modification plans can change according to the person targeted and also according to the behavior that needs to be changed. Behavior modification plans will include reinforcements, which are consequences that increase behavior, and / or punishments, which are consequences that reduce behavior.

When developing any type of behavior modification plan, it is important to consider ease of use. For behavior modification plans to be effective, they must be followed consistently. Therefore, if the plan is difficult to use, the probability that it will be effective will decrease because there will be inconsistent follow-up.

Behavior modifications

The person’s wants and needs will play an important role in modifying behavior. Because behavior modification requires the use of rewards or punishments to change behaviors, it is important that they be rewarding or "punishing" the individual with whom they are being used.

Some people may find attention or a smile rewarding, while others may require verbal and public recognition to positively reinforce their behaviors. Therefore, when developing a behavior modification plan, take into account the needs or desires of the particular individual or group.

Examples to understand it better

The number of behavior modification plans is numerous, and developing a plan should not be limited to these examples. Behavior modification plans for children or adolescents may include using a reward chart to increase a certain behavior, such as doing chores, withholding attention when the child acts in an undesirable way, and giving immediate positive attention when he begins to behave in an undesirable way. appropriate or simply praise him when the child engages in desirable behaviors.

Examples of adult behavior plans may include offering a pay bonus at work to achieve a certain goal , taking disciplinary action when an employee engages in unwanted behavior at work, or arresting an adult who breaks the law.

A behavior modification system does not produce the desired effect,
A behavior modification system does not produce the desired effect,


To develop a behavior modification plan, it is important to understand why the behavior is or is not occurring . Something has to be reinforcing it. Once this is known, the natural enhancer can be replaced or withdrawn. Reinforcers or punishers should be administered immediately after the behavior has occurred or is occurring; This consistent combination will help ensure that the behaviors a person wants to change are targeted specifically.

A behavior modification system does not produce the desired effect, it must be reviewed immediately. In addition, it is necessary to avoid punishments, such as suspensions, removals or privileges, since they do not modify the causes of unwanted behaviors, they only try to control them.

Once you know all of this, you can better understand what behavior modification is and how it works. Because in order to apply it to children, you must first understand it and once you understand, apply it to parenting. If you have doubts, you can talk to a professional to guide you in the education of your children.