Wet lung – definition and meaning

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What is Humid Lung

Humid lung
Transient Tachypnea of ​​the newborn , also known as wet lung , is a temporary condition or disorder with little margin or duration, since it only occurs in newborns, in a proportion of 1 or 2 percent of all births. For the most part, it is usually related to premature births, those born by cesarean section, and when the mother is diabetic or has consumed many painkillers during pregnancy. As its name suggests, this disorder lasts a short time, less than 24 hours, and is due to a fluid produced by the lungs of the fetus when it is inside the uterus, helping them to develop better, hence, at birth earlier there is still part of this liquid inside. The newborn’s lungs naturally absorb and remove the remaining fluid. Its main manifestation is rapid breathing, greater than 40 or 60 breaths per minute. The treatment consists of giving the baby oxygen artificially, it usually lasts 3 days , until the liquid is absorbed by the lungs, and it does not cause sequelae or any type of health consequences.