Tetilla – definition and meaning

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What is Tetilla

The nipple or teat is a kind of rubber nipple that is put on the bottle so that the child sucks when he is fed with formula milk, or with expressed breast milk. They come in different sizes and shapes, as well as the hole through which the food comes out with a larger or smaller size. Thus, many are designed so that the baby ingests as little air as possible and thus prevents gas and colic in the infant. The nipples can also vary in the material from which they are made, they can be silicone or latex , the first is firmer and lasts longer, the second is softer, but there are babies who may be allergic. The nipple hole should allow for a drip that is regular and does not release too much milk at once. Its classic shape is bell-shaped, but there are also anatomical ones , with the part that touches the flat tongue, others, on the other hand, look more like the mother’s nipple. Within each brand, the variety is very large, and each mother or father chooses the type that they see that best suits the baby.