Ringworm – definition and meaning

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What is Tinea

Ringworm is a skin disease caused by tinea, which is a type of fungus called a dermatophyte, found on the skin, but when it grows and multiplies it causes this skin infection. Ringworm is identified by the appearance of red marks in the form of circular patches and scales on the dermis. It is especially contagious in children, it affects mainly the head, nails, groin and the skin of the rest of the body and is that these fungi feed on keratin, present in some of the aforementioned areas. When ringworm develops on the foot, it is known as athlete’s foot , and these scales come out between the toes. If it occurs in the hair, bald spots appear in the area where the fungus is, and if it affects the nails, they turn white or yellow and become brittle. Ringworm is spread from one child to another through contact with the skin or contaminated personal items, such as combs or clothing. The treatment, consisting of creams and powders, lasts approximately four weeks .