Pediculosis – definition and meaning

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What is Pediculosis

Skin disease caused by the insistent scratching that motivates the abundance of lice . It is a very common ailment in children when the hot season arrives and is very easy to spread, but it can occur in people of any age. Lice live 30 days , but a female can lay up to 200 eggs in that time, which are called nits. They feed on blood obtained from itching on the scalp, and inject an irritating toxin that causes great itching and can cause wounds. The contagion by lice occurs when a person comes into contact with these insects or with personal objects of a person who has them on the head. They can also move through people’s clothing. If you suspect that a child has lice, you should go to a doctor or dermatologist to determine the appropriate treatment, which is usually specific lotions to eliminate lice, and should be used for a week.