Flatfoot – definition and meaning

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What is Flatfoot

Flat feet or beaten arches are a type of bone condition common in infants and young children. Having flat feet refers to a change in the shape of the foot that is reflected in the fact that it does not have a normal arch or ‘plantar arch’, therefore, the entire sole of the foot rests on the ground. It is due to a weakening of the tendons and tissue that support the joints of the foot, so it remains straight. Although there are children who are born with this problem, in adulthood an injury can weaken these structures and cause flat feet. It is detected at 3 or 4 years, which is when the foot must have fully developed and also the central arch . There are two types, the rigid flatfoot and the flexible flatfoot. If it does not cause pain or walking problems, it does not need treatment, but if these derived problems occur, orthopedic insoles or shoes will be used and in very serious cases surgery may be required.